Why Colombia?

Medical tourism in Latin America is formed in a very competitive environment, because many countries in the region, such as Brazil and Costa Rica, in recent years have invested heavily to take its place in this area.

There are several reasons why many foreign patients still prefer Colombia:

  1. Acceptable cost of treatment
Why Colombia?

In large hospitals with worldwide recognition you can get quality treatment, which sometimes will cost only 30-50% of the cost of the same procedures in the U.S. or Canada. At the same time, you should consider inexpensive accommodation, food, and entertainment in Colombia.

  1. 2. Strategic Location

Colombia is located in the northwestern part of South America, just a couple of hours flight from the USA. The major cities of the country, which may be of interest to medical tourists, have international airports that accept regular flights from Europe and North America.

  1. High quality specialized treatment

Colombia has established itself as a country providing quality medical services in the fields of dentistry, cosmetic and plastic surgery, cardiology, ophthalmology, transplantology, gynecology, otorhinolaryngology and infertility treatment.

  1. American training

Colombia does not yet have a very strong medical education system. Most health care professionals who are medical tourists have completed their studies in Western countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom. That is why local doctors have no problems with English, they are well acquainted with modern medicine and international treatment standards, and are able to work with new equipment.

  1. Hospitals with international accreditation

The Colombian government is working hard to create an optimal climate for medical tourism in the country. In particular, it assists local hospitals in obtaining international accreditation. Today 12 Colombian hospitals are accredited by JCI, including such well-known names as Fundacion Santa Fe de Bogota, Fundacion Cardiovascular de Colombia and Fundacion Cardioinfantil.

  1. No queue
Why Colombia?

Medical tourists visiting Colombia can note the minimum waiting time for planned treatment.

If in some overcrowded clinics in Asia or the Middle East you will have to make an appointment a few weeks before the procedure, you can usually agree on treatment for the next few days, and in the remaining time of vacation to rest and recover on the beautiful ocean beaches.

  1. Gracious climate

Colombia is an equatorial country, where warm, sunny weather prevails throughout the year, with an average monthly temperature in the lowlands of about 30 degrees (in the mountains it is much cooler). Variety of climatic conditions in the four natural zones of Colombia is suitable for recreation and recovery after illness or surgery.

  1. Perfect infrastructure for tourists

Although, as we have already said, in the Colombian province, medicine can not boast of anything outstanding, in large cities for medical tourists created everything necessary.

The medical facilities here are equipped with the latest technology, which allows performing complex laparoscopic surgeries, organ transplantations, catheterization of the heart, plastic surgeries, etc. The medical facilities are also equipped with the latest technology. Some hospitals provide apartments corresponding to the level of a 5-star hotel.