The harm and benefits of chewing gum

Chewing gum and moxiclear, how many different there are. However, they harm the child or, on the contrary, help get rid of caries, instead of the usual brush.

Almost all children are crazy about what is considered harmful. Chips, soda, fast food are very loved by kids. This list includes chewing gum, which they are ready to chew for hours. Many adults, however, like some doctors, have a negative attitude towards this hobby. Are there real reasons for this, or is it just empty fears and worries about the fact that because of the chewing gum fillings fall out and remain in the stomach. Chewing gum has been invented for a relatively long time. It all began on September 23, 1848 – it was then that the world’s first factory that produced chewing gum was created. However, it became widespread only in 1888, when Thomas Adams began to produce the famous “Tutti-frutti” in his factory and on his patented machine. Since then, chewing gum has changed a lot, but many of the processes that occur during chewing have remained. For example, an increase in salivation – this helps to cleanse the mouth of pieces of food, thereby preventing the formation of plaque, in which microbes would begin to multiply in the future. Also, chewing gum helps in restoring the acid-base balance, which increases after eating and provokes the development of tooth decay. Among other things, to the positive aspects of using chewing gum, you can add stimulation to the production of gastric juice, which helps our body to digest all the foods that enter our stomach. Therefore, it is a very good helper in situations when you have discomfort or nausea due to insufficient amount of gastric juice. The last item on the list of benefits from gum is not recognized by all doctors. It is about strengthening the muscles of the jaw. Some of our foods do not give the proper load, so sometimes it is good to chew gum, but to achieve this effect, you can do with an apple or a cucumber. It will be both healthier and tastier. With an excessively long use of chewing gum, all positive effects begin to change their sign in the direction of “minus”. So, if you chew gum often, then there is a possibility that the body will get used to the production of saliva by itself, and you will begin to experience constant dry mouth. Also, if you chew gum on an empty stomach, a stomach ulcer can develop, since excess gastric juice begins to corrode the mucous membrane. Parents’ fears of loosening teeth are not unfounded. As stated earlier, not all doctors attribute the increased stress on the jaw muscles by chewing gum to positive effects. The fact is that children still have insufficiently strong teeth and gums, and therefore, curvature of the teeth may occur, which can be corrected by braces or even an expensive operation. Chewing gum can never replace your toothbrush, since caries does not occur on the chewing surface itself, but on the interdental surface, so it cannot fully protect against diseases. As you can see, unfortunately, the harm from gum still exceeds all the advantages. To minimize the negative effect from it, make sure that the child does not chew it every day and for a long period of time. In addition, an adult should not chew it, by this you are setting a bad example for your child.