Is Liposuction No Longer a Way to Lose Weight?


Indeed, in our body, the number of fat cells, or adipocytes, and their localization are largely due to heredity. At the same time, the number of adipocytes does not change during life, they can only increase in size. Their location is also genetically determined, often not at all uniform. For some, they are based in the abdomen, eventually forming a “lifeline”, for some – on the back and sides, for some – on the hips (“ears” and “breeches”) or knees, and for some – then the withers are formed – the so-called “widow’s hump”. Let’s not forget about the second chin, which even a slender girl can have.

The catch is that even if you have a good, toned figure, you follow nutrition and physical activity, these adipocyte locations – fat traps – are not going to leave their homes! They just don’t know yet what VASER liposuction and is.


Many people think that liposuction – a fat removal surgery – is only for overweight people to lose weight. And what a surprise when doctors say: liposuction is not a way to lose weight! The plastic surgeon will first send patients with such a request to normalize weight, adjust nutrition, and then work on body contours and fat traps surgically. And if your body weight is normal, but you are concerned about local imperfections, you are an ideal candidate for VASER liposuction.

With the advent of VASER technology, the precision of liposuction has become truly artistic. The surgeon can not only completely eliminate the fat trap by carefully removing adipocytes from under the skin (and they thought that they were there forever – no matter how!), but also draw the desired relief with them. For example, press cubes.