I have a headache

25% of people at the reception complain of a headache and https://pillintrip.com/de/medicine/postafen-meclozine. I state with regret that often both patients and doctors (me too!) Follow the wrong path of diagnosing and treating headaches.

1. I have a headache. Is this something dangerous?
πŸ“’90% of headaches are tension headaches or migraines.
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2. Perhaps I need to do a CT / MRI of the head? Or the cervical spine? What about vascular ultrasound? After all, the problem is probably in them?
πŸ“’No, they are needed only in the presence of dangerous symptoms – “red flags”. In their absence, spending money on these studies is pointless.
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3. But I still did an MRI / CT / USDG and there were found vascular foci, a retrocerebellar cyst, a cyst of a transparent septum, a pineal cyst, an empty Turkish saddle, replacement hydrocephalus, osteochondrosis, protrusions and hernias, uncovertebral arthrosis, spondymethyloarthrosis, teeth process, instability of the vertebrae, narrowing, hypoplasia and tortuosity of the vertebral arteries, disorders of venous outflow – does this cause a headache ?!

πŸ“’No, these changes are most often an OPTION OF THE NORM and do not cause headache, increased pressure, dizziness or any other symptoms. Moreover, it does not need to be treated with droppers, mexidol, glycine, ginkgo biloba and massage. Most likely the cause of your headache is a migraine or tension headache.
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4. And my head often hurts because of the pressure.

πŸ“’ No, high blood pressure does not cause headaches. More often on the contrary – a headache can provoke a slight increase in blood pressure.
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5. Can the head hurt due to neck problems and https://pillintrip.com/de/medicine/detralex-500-mg?
πŸ“’ Yes, but there are 3-4% of such patients and this pain is quite easy to recognize at the reception.
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6. I want to dig in and clean the blood vessels: Mexidol, Actovegin, B vitamins. Good treatment?
πŸ“’ A waste of time and money. No type of headache (and no disease in general) can be treated with these drugs.
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7. Will massage help relieve headaches?
πŸ“’It helps some patients with tension headaches, but after discontinuation without adequate treatment and prevention, symptoms return.