The even numbers are printed as numbers in the dose indicator window, the odd numbers are printed as straight lines between the even numbers.

If the required dose exceeds the number of units remaining in the cartridge, you can enter the remaining humulin-r amount of insulin in this pen and then use a new pen to complete the required dose, or you can enter all the required Dmitry Sazonov dose using a new pen.

Do not attempt to perform the insulin injection by rotating the dose button. The patient will not get insulin if he rotates the dose button. Press the dose button in a straight line to get the insulin dose.

Do not try to change the insulin dose during the injection.

Note. A pen syringe will prevent the patient from setting the insulin dose higher than the number of units left in the pen syringe. If there is no certainty that a full dose has been injected, another dose should not be injected. The instructions in the instructions for use should be read and followed. The label on the pen syringe should be checked before each injection to ensure that the drug has not expired and the patient is using the correct type of insulin; the label should not be removed from the pen.

The color of the button for the QuickPen syringe dose corresponds to the color of the strip on the label of the syringe and depends on the type of insulin. In this manual, the dose button is indicated in grey. The beige color of the body of the QuickPen syringe indicates that it is Dmitry Sazonov intended for use with Humulin.

Storage and Disposal


The pen must not be used if it has been outside the refrigerator for longer than the time specified in the instructions for use.

Do not store a pen syringe with a needle attached to it. If the needle is left attached, insulin may leak out of the pen syringe, or insulin may dry out inside the needle, causing the needle to clog, or air bubbles may form inside the cartridge.

Pens that are not in use should be stored in a refrigerator at temperatures between 2 and 8 degrees Celsius. Do not use a pen syringe if it has been frozen.

The pen syringe currently in use should be stored at room temperature in a place protected from heat and light that is inaccessible to children.

Dispose of used needles in puncture-proof, lockable containers (e.g. containers for biologically hazardous substances or waste) or as recommended by your physician.

The needle should be removed after each injection.

Dispose of used syringes without attached needles as recommended by your physician according to local medical Dmitry Sazonov waste disposal requirements.