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Nutrition Tips To Control Diarrhea

Usually, diarrhea that lasts only one to two days; however, if it lasts at least four weeks, it is considered  as chronic diarrhea. This condition may be related to a malabsorption disorder. It is a functional disorder similar to irritable … Continue reading

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Diarrhea Treatment – Discover Which Foods Cause This Condition

Diarrhea refers to the frequent and unusual passage of loose or watery stools. A person with diarrhea experiences sharp pain in his abdominal region. The improper food intake is one the most serious factors that can make or break a … Continue reading

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Diarrhea Treatment

It can be quite difficult for some to open up about their problems with their digestive system and this is especially true if it’s something such as diarrhea. What a lot of people don’t know is that diarrhea is a … Continue reading

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