5 Tips to Treat Diarrhea

Dealing with diarrhea is considered as one of the most inconvenient situations that can even make the sufferer feel weak. We know that going to the comfort room too often can be very embarrassing especially if the sufferer is at school or at his workplace. Fortunately, the condition can be cured with a variety of treatment methods. Here are some helpful tips that will help you to treat your diarrhea.

  1. Drink plenty of fluids to prevent dehydration. Doing so will help you to replace the fluids that you lost due to the condition. Severe dehydration will take place if you do not drink the needed mount of fluids. In some cases, sufferers drink sports drink to replace lost vitamins and minerals. You may also try drinking carrot juice to alleviate your condition.
  2. Use natural treatment methods that involve garlic and ginger. You may eat raw or slightly cooked garlic to ease your condition. If you want you may also make a garlic tea and mix it with sugar to sweeten it. You should drink this mixture are least three times daily. If you want to use ginger, you should wash it properly, peel it, and slice it. Let it boil for at least one minute and add a small amount of sugar to sweeten it.
  3. Avoid eating dairy products such as milk and cheese because these foods will just aggravate your diarrhea. One good treatment method is by eating a plain yogurt which is considered as a good natural treatment for this kind of condition. Keep in mind that you have to choose yogurt with live cultures.
  4. Take over-the-counter medications that contain Loperamide. You may consider purchasing Imodium A-D that will help to calm the movement of your intestines. This medication reduces stomach pain and helps to limit the amount of vitamins and water loss in the sufferer’s body.
  5. If your diarrhea seems to be getting worse after the first 24 hours of its occurrence, it is best to see your doctor right away.

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