What Are The Common Causes of Toddler’s Diarrhea

As a parent, finding out that your baby has a diarrhea is a serious problem to deal with. The condition indicates that there is something wrong with the health condition of your kid.

More often than not, the condition in kids is a normal incident that usually goes away after a few weeks. In some cases, the condition can be harmful to your child’s health and in any case you should apply the proper treatment method even if that means bringing your kid to his pediatrician.

What is Intestinal Infection?

According to health care experts, the top cause of the condition in toddlers is an intestinal infection. These infections are rarely serious viruses and usually resolve by themselves. In fact, there is no exact treatment for this condition caused by an infection in your child’s intestine. Therefore, it is best that you should be patient and attentive when it comes to nursing your kid.

What are the other causes of diarrhea?

Stress – Yes this factor may sound quite odd but your kid may experience stress even though he is still too young. You should keep in mind that a new environment or other new elements added to your child’s environment that can cause stress and can eventually affect your child’s stool. However, stress is not a serious condition but it is best to be careful and gentle when it comes to introducing new things to your baby and keep him as stress-free.

Food – It is one of the common causes of the condition in toddlers. Your baby is either intolerant to a certain type of food or is extremely sensitive to the food he consumed. Some chemical additives can trigger the condition but it is not a serious health problem because you can treat the condition by giving plenty of water to your kid and working with his pediatrician.


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