Diarrhea Among Pregnant Women

Diarrhea is the frequent bowel movements usually more than thrice a day. These frequent bowel movements are characterized by passage of loose watery or formless stools which is about more than 200 grams a day.

If diarrhea happens in a pregnant woman, the case must not be taken for granted. This must be taken seriously especially when it has been going on for more than two days. A pregnant woman with diarrhea must be guarded against the risks of dehydration. With this, treatment must be made available and be instigated immediately.

Causes of Diarrhea during Pregnancy

Diarrhea during pregnancy happens because of the following causes:

• When there are hormonal changes related to pregnancy could definitely influence the gastrointestinal system and could trigger diarrhea in some women.
• Diarrhea during late pregnancy could be a sign that labor is nearly to arise.
• Unusual cravings and eating hard to digest foods and other atypical substances during pregnancy.
• There is a habitual laxative intake in treating constipation in pregnancy.
• Too much water intake may modify the stool regularity in some women.

Risks of Diarrhea During Pregnancy

Other cases of diarrhea can be resolved at once, yet diarrhea in pregnant women should not be taken carelessly especially when this has been happening for more than 2 days or if there are further associated signs like vomiting, fever, abdominal contractions, and signs of dehydration. Severe diarrhea may lead to dehydration, weight loss, malnutrition, miscarriage, and pre-term labor.

Treating Diarrhea During Pregnancy

To prevent and to treat dehydration is important. Here are some treatment ideas.

• The BRAT diet or bananas, rice, grated or stewed apples or apple sauce and toast diet is helpful and includes returning to solid foods by consuming
• Yogurt should be used with watchfulness as secondary lactose intolerance may take place after some cases of gastroenteritis.
• Sufficient of fluids should be given by orally. Avoid caffeine, alcohol and dairy products.
• Medicines should be taken with care in pregnancy. Doctor’s advise is needed.


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