What Do You Know About Diarrhea?

Diarrhea is a type of condition going on when the fluid intake or fluid yielded in the gastrointestinal tract is not taken up properly. In general the intestines receive in too much water from food throughout the process of digestion. On the other hand, when food moves too fast, the intestines will not be able to absorb water, this can result to loose stools.

• What causes diarrhea?

Viral infection is believed to be the most frequent grounds of diarrhea. In addition, the condition can also take place when too much water moves into the bowel from the person’s body. Also, there are quite a few conditions that can trigger diarrhea; these include swelling, abdominal disturbance or trauma, infection, laxative use, malignancy, obstruction, food intolerances, and others.

Diarrhea takes place because of different factors including the food, places we go to, and other pessimistic emotions we have.

• What are the possible ways to treat diarrhea?

Some tips to treat diarrhea are presented below.

First tip is to increase your liquid ingestion. It is imperative to drink a lot of water to avoid dehydration. Remember to keep a stability between the liquid losses and its ingestion. Make certain that the water you drink is dirt free and comes from a good source.

One more significant thing to do is to stay on a light diet. You should keep away from your standard diet and prevent foods that create gas in the intestines because they can get worse your condition. BRAT diet is helpful and it includes banana, rice, applesauce and toast on your diet. Given that you need to avoid high fiber bread, it is best to consume ripe bananas or white bread.

Do not forget to maintain cleanliness by consistently washing your hands after every bowel movement to decrease the likelihood of transmitting the pathogen to other people. If you feel that your condition is not getting well, it is advisable that you should go to your doctor right away.


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