Treating An Upset Stomach

When you are dealing with an upset stomach, you may feel like you are dealing with a situation it can bring your whole day to a screaming halt. Nausea or heartburn can make a sufferer’s stomach unbearable. If you are suffering from the condition, you may need a quick and gentle relief. Some sufferers may use over the counter medication to alleviate their upset stomach. However, sufferers can actually treat the condition by consuming the following helpful foods and drinks.

You should drink carbonated beverages. Keep in mind that an upset stomach can often be due to gas built-up. When gas starts to build up, you may feel stomach pain and will possibly cause you to double over in pain. Therefore, drinking carbonated drinks can bring relief because they may cause you to burp. Burping will help you to get relief as the gas is released from your body.

Eating bread and crackers will also help you to absorb acid. We all know that heartburn is never fun, especially when the sufferer is trying to sleep or rest his body. If acid keeps him up at night, you should eat bread or crackers before lying down to alleviate your upset stomach. According to healthcare experts, these foods will help relieve ease your condition.

Avoid eating or drinking dairy products. If the condition is due to poor health, you should reduce your consumption of these products because they can worsen your condition. The fat in these products can cause your upset stomach to get worse. If your healthcare provider diagnoses you with a virus, you should ask if you should cut back.

In addition, you can also treat nausea with ginger. People in China have been using this treatment to ease stomach problems for thousands of years. Try adding crushed ginger to your tea or drinking ginger ale. Either option will help relieve your stomach problem.



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