How To Stop Diarrhea Fast

Diarrhea is a health condition that often results in loose, soft or watery stools. When you are from this condition, of course you will aim to stop it as soon as possible. Keep in mind that a constant diarrhea can result in dehydration. This condition may be caused by a viral or bacterial infection, contaminated food, parasites or poison in one’s body. Diarrhea is our body’s way of getting rid of its toxins. It is best to consult your reliable healthcare provider to get proper treatment and speed up your recovery process.

Many sufferers of diarrhea rely on medicines that they can buy over the counter. These medications are considered as the fastest treatments to alleviate the sufferer’s condition. The most common medications are Kaopectate, DiaClear, Imodium, or Pepto-Bismol. However, these medicines can give side effects, such as headache or vomiting. Therefore, one must stop taking any of these medications if a side effect does occur. It is best to talk to a healthcare provider to treat the condition properly.

Doctors recommend eating foods that will help to firm your stools. These helpful foods in BRAT diet such as brown rice, bananas, applesauce, toast along with yogurt. Sufferers of the condition can easily digest these foods and it will help to stop the condition within the day. Other good foods to eat are baked potato, boiled eggs cooked carrots, plain rice and crackers that are unsalted. Some sufferers also eat unseasoned chicken without the skin.
Sufferers of diarrhea should ask their healthcare providers prior to taking activated charcoal pills. These are not recommended for each person who is experiencing diarrhea. Therefore, consulting your doctor is very important before taking any medications especially when your diarrhea is constant. Activated charcoal can help alleviate inflammation and stop diarrhea.
When dealing with diarrhea, staying hydrated is a must. You should drink plenty of water and avoid alcohol, milk, and caffeine to treat the condition quickly.

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