Eating When You Have Diarrhea

The food we eat plays a very important role in treating diarrhea. Keep in mind that the foods you choose to eat while you are dealing with the condition can either help alleviate or worsen the symptoms. Diarrhea causes the food you eat to pass quickly and it does not allow the proper digestion and absorption of the nutrients and water in the food. This can result in dehydration and other serious health problems if not treated properly. You should consult your doctor when you develop diarrhea to get an accurate diagnosis and receive proper treatment.

There are various factors that can cause diarrhea. According to health experts, there are certain medications as well as food poisoning, traveling, and viral infections can often result in inflammation and irritation in the gut. When you travel, if you consume certain foods or beverages that contain unusual bacteria in your body, you may have diarrhea.

Anti Diarrhea Foods

To avoid diarrhea, you should consume foods that are easier to digest and will not place a strain on your digestive tract. If you have chronic diarrhea, you should avoid eat anything for a few hours to settle the condition of your stomach. Once it is settled, it is important to increase your liquid intake to keep your body hydrated. Try to add bland foods in small portions as your condition becomes better. These foods include plain rice, boiled potatoes, toast, applesauce, bananas, cooked carrots and baked chicken. Talk to your doctor prior to changing your diet to treat any condition.

Foods To Avoid

Avoiding certain foods and beverages can help develop your diarrhea. Therefore, you should stay away from foods that contain high amount of sugar, high in fiber or high in fat, as well as those foods that have a lot of spices or diary. In addition, avoid food or beverages that contain alcohol or caffeine because they can worsen your condition.


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