What Helps Diarrhea?

In some cases, people suffer from long period of diarrhea after stomach cramps or due to other ongoing conditions, like irritable bowel syndrome. When frequent bowel movements continue for more than a couple of days, and there is no sign of parasitic or bacterial infection, there are certain foods that can help slow down the bowel movements and stop the condition. Health care providers usually advocate the BRAT or BRATTY diet to treat diarrhea.

BRATTY is an acronym that stands for bananas, rice, applesauce, toast, tea and yogurt; this group of foods can help to firm bowel movements and alleviate the condition. These foods are highly effective especially when the sufferer eats them together. In some cases, health care providers recommend the diet that does not include tea and yogurt or simply BRAT.

Bananas contain high potassium. In addition, these fruits have a healthy balance of fruit sugars and starch that can help to treat diarrhea. When it comes to rice and toast, they should be served without added spices or butter because they may worsen your condition.

Moreover, another good way to treat it is by having applesauce or whole apples. They are great source of pectin which is considered as a natural bulking agent. Yogurt is also great help to treat diarrhea because it provides more protein than do other foods on the BRATTY diet.

People should be aware that there are some common mistakes with BRATTY diet. As a result, those mistakes block the positive results of the treatment. Toast and rice should be served without any butter or any other spices. You should read labels of yogurt to ensure that it is minimally sweetened and it contains live cultures. Try to have plain yogurt and banana shake because it tastes good and sweet.


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2 Responses to What Helps Diarrhea?

  1. Mariah and James says:

    The BRAT diet is considered as one of the effective natural treatments that cure diarrhea. We always add yogurt because it provides more protein than do other foods on the diet. Great post indeed!

  2. Julianna Stevens says:

    Brat diet is an effective way to treat the condition. Remember to eat rice and toast without butter and other stuff. You have to eat them plain and well-done. This is a good post I gotta say! Keep it goin’!

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