How Tor Treat Chronic Diarrhea

Chronic diarrhea is a condition that involves of loose stools that last for more than a month. The condition can also afflict the sufferer in between periods of constipation. Constant diarrhea can be very harmful to the body because the transfer time of nutrients in the digestive system is short lived. This type of diarrhea can lead to food being only partially absorbed that can result in dehydration due to a loss of electrolytes. The sufferer’s body can also grow weak and disoriented from not getting appropriate nutrients. That is why treatment for this condition is very important.

Always Rehydrate

For people suffering from diarrhea, it is very important to stay hydrated especially when the sufferer is having chronic diarrhea. It is best to drink clear liquids and formulas that contain electrolytes in them such as water, bouillon, Gatorade and coconut water.

Avoid Caffeine

Sufferers should avoid drinks that have caffeine in them because they will cause dehydration. Do not drink energy drinks, soft drinks, coffee, and any other beverage that contains caffeine. In addition, sufferers should not drink alcohol because it also causes dehydration.

Take Antibiotics

In some cases, chronic diarrhea takes place due to parasite or an infection. Therefore, antibiotics are often used to alleviate the condition.

Use Bulking Agents To Stop Diarrhea

Sufferers can treat loose stools through the effective utilization of agents that help to firm them up. These bulking agents can slow down and even stop the condition. Examples of these bulking agents are bismuth, activated charcoal and psyllium husks.

Cholestyramine Diarrhea

In some cases of chronic diarrhea, sufferers use Cholestyramine to help stools to become firm. The medication is used to bind bile acids that help the sufferer to have normal bowel movements. Sufferers can use it up to six times a day. However, it is best to consult your doctor prior to using this treatment.

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  1. Emily Fort says:

    Awesome! I really enjoy reading your blog posst! I completely agree with this one! People should be aware of the important things to consider whan they are experiencing diarrhea. Great post here!

  2. Maggie says:

    I agree with you Emily, really great article.

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