What is the Best Natural Treatment for Diarrhea?

Many people who suffer from diarrhea believe that the condition is caused by stress and diet. According to health care experts, a steady diet of bananas can help control these symptoms of diarrhea.

Kids Diarrhea Treatment

Even though various medications for diarrhea are currently available including therapy and prevention, deaths due to this condition remain high especially among kids in the third world countries. The most common treatments are antibiotics and rehydration fluids; however, these treatments may be compromised by the progression of bacterial resistance to drugs, as well as its price and accessibility.

Other than these antibiotics, researchers are continuously looking for effective, safe, and simple interventions to treat diarrhea. According to them, green or unripe banana is a common fruit but when you add this fruit to regular diet of children, you will be able to enhance their recovery from diarrhea as well as support better absorption of other nutrients that the child’s body requires.Diarrhea is a condition that is characterized by multiple watery, loose, or unformed stools. However, it is not considered as a disease, but rather, a medical condition that could be a symptom of another underlying condition such as syndrome, disease, allergy or infection. Moreover, most cases of this condition are self-limiting, though constant diarrhea should be brought to the attention of your health care provider.

Key Benefits:

  • Bananas are fruits that have large amounts soluble fiber, or fiber which easily liquefies in water, and can help people to digest food in the GI tract quickly and effectively.
  • They have mass quantities of soluble fiber that push through the digestive tract and these fruits can also serve as a laxative and help relieve constipation.
  • You can have bananas any time of the day and they can be easily added to cereal, bread mixes or other dishes.
  • Keep in mind that one banana not only has healthy levels of fiber but a big amount of potassium and vitamin C. Lastly, these fruits can promote overall good digestive health


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