Understanding Newborn Diarrhea

What is new born diarrhea?

Infant diarrhea can be alarming especially for those who are new parents. It can be difficult to tell the difference between a usual bowel movement and diarrhea, particularly in breastfed babies. There are various factors that can cause diarrhea in infants, and occasionally it can be not easy to treat the condition at home and may require medical care.

What are the symptoms?

Babies usually have many bowel movements all throughout the day. Therefore, parents must determine what a regular bowel movement looks like for their babies. Stools of a newborn baby tend to be very soft, especially if the infant is breastfed. An unexpected change in bowel movements can be a sign of infant diarrhea. This includes more frequent and watery stools that come on very quickly. Often the color of stools can change to green and they can contain mucous.

What are the causes of infant diarrhea?

The most common causes of diarrhea in newborns are viral and bacterial infections. If you suspect that your baby has bacterial infection, you should consult a doctor since this condition needs to be treated immediately. Also, keep in mind that antibiotics, food allergies, and intolerance can cause diarrhea.

If an infant is on antibiotics, diarrhea can be a side effect. Other causes include food allergies and intolerance. In addition, if poisoning is suspected in your baby, you should bring him to the hospital immediately.

The Treatment

During diarrhea, you must give plenty of fluids to your baby to prevent dehydration. For breastfed babies, you should nurse the baby more often. The health care provider may also recommend that you offer the baby a pediatric electrolyte drink; this is helpful especially if your baby cannot keep the liquids down. Do not forget to give your baby more love and affection. Your constant care is very important to treat your baby.


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  1. Cynthia (Mom of Two) says:

    This post is very helpful and will give relevant info especially to new parents. When my children have diarrhea, I usually do not bring them to their pedia during the first few hours of the condition. However, if the condition lasts for 24 hours, I make sure to consult the doctor right away. Good job! Keep it goin!

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