Dealing With Morning Diarrhea

Having diarrhea every morning is an abnormal condition though the disorder in general is something that most of us experience. To further understand the causes of this condition, it is best to look its causes in general, and then try to find out why the condition strikes at a particular time of the day, in this case in the morning.

Some people may think that irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is probably the most common cause of this condition, but there can be other causes as well. Diarrhea is a condition which refers to an excessive amount of water in stool. When a person has diarrhea, the stool may be quite soft, or semi-soft, or in many cases mostly water.

What are the causes?

Diarrhea can occur as the result of another condition. This is often due to a virus and usually an infection which is primarily affecting the digestive tract. However, a viral infection is not necessarily the cause of diarrhea only in the morning hours. Food is another thing which can cause the condition since there may be certain foods which can give you diarrhea, but will not have the same effect on other people. Food is considered as one of the more common causes of morning diarrhea, which makes sense if the food that caused the condition was consumed in the early evening, or just before bedtime. In addition, lactose intolerance can cause this condition.


If you suffer from morning diarrhea, you should take stock of the foods you are eating or the medications you are taking, to determine if that may offer a hint as to the source of the problem. Diarrhea is usually not serious, but when it is chronic it usually means there is something going on that requires expert attention.


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  1. DanTheTeacher says:

    I have been dealing with morning diarrhea and upon reading this post, I realized that the food I eat at night really has an effect on my stomach the next day. This is really a great post!

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